Thursday, February 14

Just hanging around

American Girl
There's some excitement in the American Girl® doll community this week.

New items were released this week and among the many wondrous items is the Starry Doll Holder.

If you've ever been to an American Girl® store, and (most importantly) used its facilities, you have seen similar doll holders mounted on the walls.

American Girl
My American Girl® dolls are displayed or held for safekeeping on this holder. It features:
  • Transparent star design works with any décor
  • Metal hooks go under doll's arms to keep her safely in place
  • Mounting screws

These ingenious devices keep a doll's feet clean so she doesn't have to stand on the public bathroom floor.

American Girl®  fans have begged for these holders for years. Many feel it's obligatory to take a photo of their doll using these holders if they go to the stores!

Thankfully, Momma spared me that indignity.


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