Thursday, February 21

I been Bobmotized

Ded Bob
Continuing on with my visit to the Arizona Renaissance Festival on Monday was my visit to The Ded Bob Show.

Bob may be "ded" but with the help of his assistant, Sluj, he’s funnier than ever! Join his audience as he tickles your funny bone, turning his audience into "bobzombies."

To be honest, this was my first time seeing Ded Bob.

Momma hasn't wanted to see him before since she strongly associated Ded Bob with her Ex.

But she decided the time had come for us to be introduced so off we went.

We enjoyed his show (and insults) so much that she's kicking herself for the missing his shows for the past 20 years; not only did Ded Bob say I was "Awesome!", but some guy asked Momma if she was single!

I also learned something from Ded Bob - hypnotism!

Look into my eye sockets....



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