Wednesday, April 10

Tangled to the Maximus

I reported back in January that Momma was working on the newest members of my Steam Team: Rapunzel and Maximus from Disney's Tangled.

Maximus arrived recently after months of patience.

Doesn't Rapunzel look happy to see her equine friend?

Now that Maximus is here, Momma feels she can start serious work on steampunking Rapunzel.

So far Rapunzel has boots (which she may, or may not, wear), goggles, hose clamps, and a hair stick with golden lanterns. 

She also has a purple top hat that Maximus occasionally wears, too.

Next on the agenda is Rapunzel's outfit. Momma has the pattern and fabric - she just needs to get sewing!

Stay tuned!



  1. YEEEOW I can't wait to see how this progresses!

    1. Me too, but I think it's off to an exciting start!