Saturday, January 19

Taking adventure to new lengths

I just wanted to give you a couple of teasers on the newest member of my Steam Team that Momma is working on.

Inspired by some steampunk Disney princesses found on Deviant Art, Momma decided to try her hand at creating a steampunk princess.

She chose Tonner Doll Company's
Tangled since she has the Ellowyne Wilde body that Momma likes. She removed the flowers from her hair, added a hose clamp, and gave her goggles. Momma plans to give Rapunzel hair flowers made of gears!

Momma also has this awesome pattern by MHD Designs and fabric in the same shades the dress Rapunzel came in. Stay tuned as that gets created!

And very steampunk princess needs a nobel steedof course!

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  1. That sounds really cool, you definitely have to show final result pictures!