Wednesday, November 27

A friend through life's ups and downs

Ella photo courtesy of Dolls for Downs
I have been watching the development of some very special dolls for months now, and I am quite pleased to say they are now available!

Connie Feda of Robinson Township, Pa.,was inspired in 2010 when her daughter Hannah was 9-years-old. Hannah was flipping through an American Girl catalog when she looked up and said, "There are no dolls like me in here. No dolls had surgery. They are all not like me."

The rest is history. Originally called Dolls for Downs, they now seem to be called Extra Special Dolls. So far there are 16 girl dolls and 10 boys dolls in all skin tones!

Our world renowned sculptor, Karen Scott, referenced hundreds of pictures of individuals with Down Syndrome before incorporating such beloved traits as the simian palmar crease, the sandal gap toes, the tiny curved pinky finger, and the correctly proportioned arms and legs. But, we didn't stop there. Our special, deep joints and all vinyl body make our doll ideal in therapeutic settings. Our doll's limbs can be moved in all directions and can be easily disinfected for hospital visits and therapy sessions.

Our exquisite doll faces reflect the lovely features found in individuals with Down Syndrome.

From the sparkling, almond shaped eyes, gently curved noses and down turned lips to the smaller, lower set ears and generally flattened forehead, we believe that we have captured the essence and playful personality of a child up for anything!

Momma and I adore the slogan, "My friend through life's ups and downs."

Everyone needs a friend, don't you agree?

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  1. That is such a great thing! I wish great success. I completely agree, everyone deserves a friend.