Tuesday, November 12

Haute under the collar

I am fit to be tied.

In the past month Momma has missed out on four (FOUR!) designer steampunk outfits. I am beside myself.

Now, in all fairness, the first three by Melody Valerie, while Gorgeous, are a bit too formal for my active steampunk lifestyle. But I can still like them, right?! (And Momma does love purple!)

But the fourth by Liberty Jane is exactly what I need while time traveling.
As you might recall, Momma got me a Liberty Jane Tokyo Libby outfit two years ago, and several pieces in my wardrobe (and Clementine's) are based upon her patterns.
So I am Simply Stunned that Momma snoozed through these latest auctions.
How shall I ever hold my head up again?

Momma said she'll get the pattern for the Steam Bib Top for me, but it's just not the same.

Momma also says it's time for me to accept reality.



Maybe I'll have better luck with the upcoming Melody Valerie steampunk auction.... 

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