Sunday, November 10

I love the nightlife

Photo bomb!
Continuing with my long delayed adventures upon the Queen Mary, after exploring the cabin we went to a friend's house to celebrate with the happy couple.

Smoke from the QM's haunted Dark Harbor.
I, of course, had to sneak into at least one photo!

After feasting upon a delicious homemade vanilla cake with raspberry filling, we returned to the ship where I continued to explore.

Harboring no suspicions.
Outside the Queen Mary was a fantabulous haunted house called Dark Harbor, but I decided I wanted to explore the Queen Mary more.

Remember the Titanic? ALWAYS know where your lifeboat is!
Many of the ship's rooms and exhibits were closed for the night, but it was deliciously thrilling to explore at night.

I'm the Queen of the World!
The Queen Mary is known as "the haunted ship." It’s not surprising that the Queen Mary was voted one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America by Time magazine!

Among the ghosts reportedly still hanging around are a sailor who died in the ship's engine room, a "lady in white," and children who supposedly drowned in the ship's pool.

Despite my detailed explorations, not a single ghost made itself known to me.


To be continued....