Wednesday, April 9

Birthday suit

Greta Garb-oh!
Shh, I now know Queen Victoria's secret.

Under her austere widow's weeds and resting on top of her birthday suit, lurked a lively Lolo Lobster Tail Bustle!

(Yes, Momma is having way too much fun making these!)

Momma has three of these lively Lolo Lobster Tail Bustles in her Etsy shop, but hopes to add more soon.

Speaking of birthday suits, today is My birthday!

Happy birthday to Me and my doppelgänger, Addy Walker.

To celebrate, today you can receive 10 percent off in Momma's Etsy shop. Just use code BIRTHDAY2014.

But hurry, this offer expires April 10th!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....