Wednesday, April 2

Open for business

Momma and I are proud to present the first outfit in her Greta Garb-oh! Collection: a two-piece 1870s Bustle Dress PLUS a matching Lobster Tail Bustle and Petticoat. Both are based upon patterns by Thimbles and Acorns.

From her Etsy page description:

Dresses in the 1870s were typically made in two pieces - what we now think of as suits. If desired, the petticoat can be worn alone or with other pieces for mix-and-match potential.

For this outfit I chose to use both the green Victorian Dream Gears and a tea-stained muslin. I accented the outfit with a coppery piping which picks up the subtle shades of brown and rust in the green fabric.

All FOUR items (my doll and mannequin are NOT for sale!) are made by me in my smoke-free (but not pet-free!) home from pre-washed 100 percent cotton, except for the piping and thread which contains polyester. All exposed edges have been serged EXCEPT for the raw edges on the two bows AND the selvage edge on the bottom of the petticoat and Lobster Tail Bustle. I loved the color and finish on the tea-stained muslin selvage and incorporated it into the design.

This outfit will fit all American Girl dolls including the earlier, plumper Pleasant Company versions. While it looks floor-length on Peggy (my mannequin and Steampunk Addie's one-legged friend) it is the same length as Steampunk Addie's.

This dress does contain small buttons and metal hooks and eyes so it should not be given to small children. It is intended for the serious doll collector who is 14 or older.

These items can be washed, but I would recommend removing the two bows prior to washing so the raw edges do not fray.

I have been sewing for 37 years, but have only recently started sewing for my dolls. (Steampunk Addie says it's about time!) I plan to make two versions of most outfits: one for Steampunk Addie (or her Vinyl American friends) and one for sale. That means each outfit will be a limited edition of TWO unless stated otherwise. The main difference in these two outfits is the buttons on the outfit you will receive are smaller than Steampunk Addie's.

I love quirky things which is why I love steampunk. (Think of steampunk as Victorian science fiction.) While this outfit is pleasantly restrained, watch for upcoming outfits in patterns and fabrics that will surprise you.

Shipping is for the contiguous United States. I also ship worldwide, but PLEASE contact me for a shipping quote if you live outside the contiguous United States.

Wait until you see the next item!

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