Friday, April 11

The Amazing Momma the Great

Momma and I are featured today in Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog!

If you are new to my blog and the doll world let me tell you its a great community. Recently I became friends with the wonderful and creative lady behind the spectacular Steampunk Addie!

Greta is also one of the newest members of our Dolls For A Cause group and I am so very excited to have her join us!

Want to read more? Go to Karen's post, The Amazing People You Meet In The Dolly World- Greta and Steampunk Addie!

P.S. A little secret? There's a coupon code for Momma's Etsy shop at the end of Karen's post!

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  1. I just saw Karen Mom Of Three's post. It's great. I've been following the both of you for some time; both so wonderful.