Tuesday, June 28

Absinthe of presenthe

Bathing dress
Momma is still at camp with Big Sister. Don't tell, but I'm starting to miss them.  So, I snuck on Momma's friend Jennifer's computer.

I'm having fun staying with Jennifer...I have lots of new outfits, and I can even give you a preview of some of the Absinthe Accessories she is making for Me, including a new Pirate Hat! The next time I travel to the Caribbean, I will blend right in with the rest of Captain Jack Sparrow's crew.
Purple dres

But, new clothes aren't everything.

Since I promised Momma I wouldn't worry her friend by disappearing to another time, I'll show you some of My new things. There's a bathing costume, a dress in Momma's favorite Color Purple, and a silly sort of outfit Jennifer says her daughter wore in 1987. I'm not sure I believe her ... see for yourself!
Anti-gravity belt

I thought this purple dress was going to be too heavy, until Jennifer made Me an anti-gravity belt to help hold it up! It might come in handy during my travels too.

I hope Momma and Big Sister are having fun, but I will be very happy to see them tomorrow!
Silly outfit

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