Wednesday, June 1

You are what you eat?

I got a little nervous last night.

All was well until I saw the moving picture Sweeney Todd, based upon a fictional character who first appeared in the Victorian penny dreadful, The String of Pearls: A Romance.
Are you aware of what Mrs. Lovett (I love her clothes!) makes?

And with what?!

You see, Momma packs meat pies in my lunch pail for school.

Momma assures me that:
  1. The String of Pearls is fiction.
  2. Sweeney Todd is fiction.
  3. She makes all my meat pies herself with love.
But what if Mrs. Lovett moves to Philadelphia?

Maybe I should join the Vegetarian Society.

1 comment:

  1. I can why you'd be worried. Glad your mama makes them from scratch just for you!