Monday, June 13

Thank you, Thank you very much
I just want to publicly thank my Dear Friend, Steampunk Jess, for Literally giving Me the Clothes off her back.

Well, she didn't exactly Give them to Me, but with enough Bribery (and Threatening waves of my Stout Parasol) she Capitulated and Agreed they could be Mine. 

(Oh! And her Momma said she might come for a Visit sometime This Year! Any suggestions where We should Go?)

Now to decide on Accessories.

Do these Boots Clash?


  1. I'm looking forward to a photo of you in the outfit Addie! Umm...maybe not on the boots. Do you have something else that is going to go with them?

  2. My Jess has been telling me ever since I got her that her name is Claire. Doesn't she look like a Claire in that outfit? I really should do a better job of listening to my dolls, before they resort to violence.

    Anyhoo, Claire/Jess is probably going to go out in September/August - just as soon as I make her a traveling outfit. She's currently naked and in no fit state to be seen! She's super excited to visit lots of historical sites, since she's a time traveler and all. And she needs to see Evil Wil Wheaton's signature!