Sunday, June 26

Just can't get enough

Purple and Black Sailor Suit
Momma and I are in Prescott with my Big Sister visiting Momma's friend Jennifer. (Jennifer first met me at Comicon and now just can't seem to Get Enough of me.)  

Red, Black and White Whimsy
This morning we had my First Fitting of Three New Outfits!  

Jennifer's never made anything for anyone Quite Like Me so she's had to Experiment. What do you think so far?

Red, White and Blue Bathing Dress
(The crocheted clothes are a Bit Warm now but will Feel Wonderful once we return to Chilly Philadelphia.)

Momma and my Big Sister leave for Ankle Biters Camp this afternoon, but I shall be chilling with Jennifer while she Completes my new Wardrobe.

And see What Else we can get into while Momma's away....

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