Friday, June 24

A tip of the Tiny Top Hat

My dearest Steampunk Jess,

(Or Claire, depending on what you are calling yourself today.)

I take pen in hand (Thanks for the lovely Quick-Quotes Quill!) as I gaze upon your picture. And wear your Dress.

Mere words cannot Describe how I feel about this Dress. Momma and I have discovered  it is Hot in Arizona. Really Hot. Really, really Hot! 

Thankfully your Dress arrived before I Melted. 

Ahh, silk. Nothing beats the lovely feel of that deliciously cool Silk Skirt. And the sleeveless Cotton Shirtwaist! (Momma is a bit Scandalized but I have assured her it is Just the Thing.)

The lined jacket will feel Lovely in the evenings since I have been told that it gets Quite Chilly here at Night. It will also Protect my arms from the Nasty bugs buzzing around - mosquitos and a Really Ugly Beetle that keeps Annoying Me.
Do you like the Boots I found to go with it? I know you said the lining of the jacket was a Poison Green (and the Manufacturer called it Spinach!) but I think of it as Absinthe.

Sadly, I do have to Tell You that the Tiny Top Hat Suffered a Little in the Heat while in transit. I Know you will Recognize this quote, being a Fellow Time Traveler and all:
... And it blew the lovely, cream-colored ostrich feathers off Laura's hat.

She caught them with the very tips of her fingers as they were being whirled away. "Oh! Oh!" she exclaimed in vexation. "It must be they were not sewed on well."

"Miss Bell hasn't been in the west long enough yet," Almanzo said. "She is not used to prairie winds. Better let me put those feathers in my pocket before you lose them."
Do not despair though. I am respectably Hatted while Momma repairs the lovely Hat Your Momma made. 

Meanwhile, I remain yours,

Steampunk Addie

P.S. I am Scouting for Places to Take You when you Arrive in the Cooler Fall Weather.


  1. ooo, ooo, ooo I still have nylon that is 'poison green'! Crazy idea alert! Warning! Warning!

    We are going to have so much fun while Momma is away at camp, Addie - you are going to love it!

  2. Dear Addie,

    I am so glad you like your new Togs - I tried hard not to Weep when the Big Person wrenched them away from my vinyl Limbs. She has promised me something to wear when I go Travelling, though I shan't set foot in Arizona until it is less than One Thousand Degrees outside. Down in the Big Person's Cellar where I spend most of my time it is quite lovely and Cool, if a bit Dank.

    Your Boots are quite Cunning, and shall be lovely with the Hat once it is back from the milliner's. (And the Big Person squealed with delight at your Quotation. She insists that Almanzo Wilder had a Comely Visage or some such fol-de-rol.)

    Most sincerely Yours,
    Time Travelling Claire

    P.S. You can call me Jess if you want to. Just don't call me Late-For-Dinner!