Sunday, October 2

Moon over Bourbon Street

It seems appropriate now that I discovered ma chère amie Cécile's Deep Dark Secret on October 1.

As you might recall, I've written of my loathing of Cécile's bed before. I've also commented on mini Cécile's resemblance to a zombie.

But now I know the truth.

As you know, I attended the American Girl Fashion Show AZ on Saturday. (As a spectator NOT as a model - sniff.)

And what should meet my wondering eyes while examining the raffle prizes but Cécile. Sound asleep in a cardboard coffin ... next to her bed!

Nothing I could say or do would rouse her, but the sun was still shining.

Which leads me to one conclusion and one conclusion only.

Ma chère amie Cécile is a vampire.

A vampire who wears a hairnet while "sleeping."


See, the truth is out there.

She walks everyday through the streets of New Orleans
She's innocent and young from a family of means
I have stood many times outside her window at night
To struggle with my instinct in the pale moon light
How could I be this way when I pray to God above
I must love what I destroy and destroy the thing I love
Oh you'll never see my shade or hear the sound of my feet
While there's a moon over Bourbon Street


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  1. Ahahaha! Yes Steampunk Addy! I think you've hit upon the only reasonable answer to this!