Tuesday, November 15

Around the world in 76 days

While reading about Nellie Bly yesterday I came across another girl reporter who attempted to do the same thing at the same time ... with six hours notice!

While Nellie Bly had been thinking about her globe-trotting trip for a year and had two days to pack after her editors gave her the approval, Elizabeth Bisland's trip was largely unplanned and spontaneous.

Bly headed East and Bisland went West (on either Nov. 14 or 15, 1889), traveling the same route but in opposite directions.

Bisland completed her trip in less than 80 days as well, but since she took four days longer history quickly forgot her. 

I know both women traveled light but my mind boggles at leaving for trip around the world with only six hours to prepare.

My tiny top hat is off to you, Elizabeth Bisland.

Mind if I tag along? 

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