Monday, November 14

For the first time, I feel wicked

I think I shall swoon.

Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men and now Out of Oz, is coming to town tonight!

Have you read them? Or have you been lucky enough to see the Tony Award winning musical Wicked
Momma and I've read three of his Oz books (so far) and seen Wicked.

We are so excited! Here's a brief description about Out of Oz:
Once peaceful and prosperous, the spectacular Land of Oz is knotted with social unrest: The Emerald City is mounting an invasion of Munchkinland, Glinda is under house arrest, and the Cowardly Lion is on the run from the law. And look who's knocking at the door. It's none other than Dorothy. Yes. That Dorothy. Yet amid all this chaos, Elphaba's granddaughter, the tiny green baby born at the close of Son of a Witch, has come of age. Now it is up to Rain to take up her broom—and her legacy—in an Oz wracked by war.
Shall I see you at Changing Hands tonight? 

Or shall we be Wicked together at Gammage Auditorium, Feb. 15 through March 11?

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