Friday, November 11

Tokyo Addie: Shibuya

I don't think so.
I have to admit I'm feeling haute, haute, haute!

Oops, too far into the future.
I got my coveted Liberty Jane Tokyo Libby: Shibuya outfit yesterday and I am in love!

Shibuya Station began to emerge as a railway terminal for southwestern Tokyo in 1885The name Shibuya also refers to the shopping district which surrounds Shibuya Station, an area known as one of the fashion centers of Japan.

(Click HERE if you want to read an excellent article on Japan's Vintage Railways.)

This is how Liberty Jane described my outfit in her blog:
The latest outfit is leaning toward the Gothic Lolita style. A simple color scheme of black and white and influences of Old English Style clothing.

I was frightfully worried about exposing so much skin on my lower limbs, but even that doesn't bother me.

I set out to Japan to see how I'd fit in and had some interesting adventures. First, I got some scandalized looks in 1885 Tokyo. Then I was scandalized when I stopped in present-day Shibuya and met some teens. Then I went too far into the future - oops!

Ahh, just right!
But I finally found my scene - ahh, the nightlife!

I must say I was enormously flattered when Liberty Jane's founder Cinnamon Miles herself told Momma,
"I'm so excited to know that this is going to Steampunk Addie! I had no idea :) That's perfect!"

Thanks Cinnamon! I love it! I hope you approve of my addition of the tiny top hat.

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