Saturday, November 19

Scent of Sensibility


Don't tell Momma or Miss Sparrow but I found The Perfect Christmas Present for them today.

A perfume that smells like old books!
In the Library is a warm blend of English Novel, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish.
Can you imagine?!
They all received perfume. Rose and lilac and violet and old books.

“You may exchange with one another,” Mrs. Poppy said. “I knew you wanted those four scents, but I didn't know which wanted which."

“But how did you know we wanted perfume at all?” they cried, exchanging.

“The man at the drug store told me. I told him whom I was buying it for and he seemed to know all about you."

With apologies to Maud Hart Lovelace
and her delightful book,
Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown.

(I just hope neither Momma nor Miss Sparrow reads this blog!) 

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