Thursday, May 10

An embroidered tale

You people just don't appreciate what a wonderful age you live in.

Back in my day, we had to do our embroidery by hand.

Mrs. Ford gave Addy a needle book and hoop so she could help with the sewing. Addy’s first project was an apron on which she practiced making straight seams with tiny stitches. You can embroider the charming floral trim on the hem and bodice for Addy. A make-believe kerosene lamp to light their dark and drafty garret was a Christmas surprise for Addy and Momma—a glowing reminder to “let your little light shine” all year long.*

And now, just imagine, machines that embroider for you!

I have spent the last two days pouring over the Urban Threads website and all its marvelous steampunk patterns. And Urban Threads has a Spoonflower store of coordinating fabrics, too!

I certainly hope that Momma can afford a machine that embroiders soon.

Any recommendations?

*Please forgive the typos. American Girl obviously doesn't know how to spell My name correctly.


  1. Love my embroidery machine! Janome 300E. Does just embroidery and is a workhorse. Nice 5X7 hoop size, too. Easy software program. But be warned..... Machine Embroidery is ADDICTIVE!!!!

  2. Some of us are hand embroiderers by choice ya know!!! :-)