Monday, May 7

Today's bloodsucker

My Big Sister is getting into Monster High dolls, and so is Momma.

(I'm waiting for
Robecca Steam, of course.)

But Momma got DracuLaura this week and promptly placed her in her Newspaper Club outfit. Other than being in a hideous pink color (which Momma has conveniently removed so My eyes are not offended) I like this look since I think it has a steampunk feel to it.

At Monster High school spirit takes on a decidedly different twist and everyone wants the hottest fashions to look killer in the howl-ways. Draculaura is taking scary cool pictures for the Newspaper Club with her camera and rocking a reporter’s outfit with newsprint tights.

I have to admit I like DracuLaura too, since she is vegetarian (no icky blood for her!) and carries a parasol.


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  1. I love the Monster High dolls, Draculaura is one of my favorites!