Thursday, May 31

Rutter does not my heart flutter

Sometimes there's no accounting for taste.

Take my dear friend Ellowyne Wilde's friend Rufus Rutter.

A friend of Ellowyne’s since seventh grade, Rufus is the handyman at the Victorian house where Ellowyne lives with her grandmother.

Always cheerful and a little shy, Rufus harbors an 
unrequited love for Ellowyne. Will he ever have the courage to confess?


Even Steampunked (from the 2010 Tonner Con) I think he looks like an accident victim. 

Rufus is definitely back and with a new, Steampunk look! Light brown hair, inset brown eyes. Rufus comes dressed in his own unique steampunk style outfit including tweed pants, shirt, vest, long coat with a gear applique, shoes, shin guards, cap, and steampunk-style goggles.

I think he looks much better with his face covered by his goggles, don't you?

Ellowyne's Imperium Park friend Phineas Jules Bennett is a vast improvement, in my not so humble opinion.

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