Tuesday, May 1

Happy birthday, Julie ~ May 1, 1966

Happy birthday, Julie!

Julie and her best friend, Ivy, find a baby owl in Golden Gate Park—and it needs help. At a wildlife rescue center, Julie meets Shasta and Sierra, two bald eagles that will be caged for life, unless money is raised to release them back into the wild. For Earth Day, Julie thinks of a unique way to tell the public of the eagles' plight.

When Julie learns the eagles she’s been caring for will be set free on her birthday, she plans a party at the beach to watch the big event. Julie finds the perfect outfit for her special day.


  1. Actually, my birthday is June 17th, 1957. I was age 8 going on 9 on May 1st 1966. You're a bit early!

    1. My apologies to you. I was referring to the canon Julie but recognize many Julies have diffferent birthdays.