Tuesday, May 8

Float like a butterfly

Sew Fun Doll Clothes
Oh my.

Look at what my Dear Friend, Mama Lisa of Darling Dolly, spotted for me on Etsy.

Time Traveler - American Girl Doll Clothes Embroidered Steampunk Shibua Summer Coat

My American Girl doll can't wait for summer vacation - she's planning on doing a little time travel! This Shibua (sic) coat will not only protect her from the elements as she glides through the centuries, the embroidered butterfly will help guide her on her way! 
This coat was made using Liberty Jane's Shibua (sic) coat pattern; it is a summer weight cream fabric with gold sheer ribbon trim around the open neckline and lower sleeve cuffs. The front opening has four copper eyelets with gold ribbon threaded through them and tied into a bow; and it is lined with a gorgeous copper colored lining.
The embroidery designs are from Urban Threads and includes a cogs design on the lower sleeve cuffs in gold, brass, and copper; and a steam motifs cogs butterfly on the back in gold, copper, steel gray, and charcoal gray with copper swirls. The back embroidery is accented with gray suede cord inserted into the back seams, the cord is threaded through a gold gear attached below the butterfly on the lower back, and tied into a bow.

Sadly, Momma says this coat won't fit my Pleasant figure. (I wonder if I can get one custom-made?)

Oh well, I still give it my Gear of Approval.

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  1. Oh YES YES YES!!!! You CAN get a custom made one.... just tell your Momma to give me a ringie dingie!!!! =)