Sunday, July 8

Changing the world one ♥ at a time

Living in Arizona, Momma has great respect for the Navajo Nation and its culture. So she was excited this morning to learn (belatedly) that Hearts for Hearts Girls is releasing a Navajo doll this fall.

Every Hearts For Hearts Girls doll represents a real girl from a real place around the world. (My Big Sister has Nahji from India and her cousin has Rahel from Ethiopia.) Each has her own story to tell, with ideas about how to make life better for her family, community, country, and the world around her.

Mosi lives on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, where she helps her mom and dad to keep the Navajo arts culture alive. Mosi is one who leads the way and though she struggles with challenges in school, she is working to overlook the differences among classmates and teach others the importance of standing up for what they believe in!

Mosi's horse Ahiga was captured by Mosi's dad because he had an injured leg. This fierce paint pony (his name means "he fights") is still a handful, but Mosi knows that they will be best friends someday.

Guess who will be joining our family this Fall?

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  1. she is so pretty.. my grands have Nahji and Conselo SP? They can really enjoy them since they are half India indian and they go to a spanish immersion school... this one is very pretty too