Wednesday, July 11

For she's a a jolly good fellow

Today is Momma's birthday and she is eagerly awaiting Imperium Park's Apothecary Case from Grandmomma. (My Big Sister got her Robecca Steam!)

A must-have set in the city of New Britain! This set features a pleather case with a golden flocking interior and an antique golden clasp, and four glass apothecary bottles.

According to the photo it contains Thistle, Red Vine, Spikewort, and Dark Ichor.

I know that medieval writers thought Thistle could return hair to bald heads and in the early modern period it was believed to be a remedy for headaches, plague, canker sores, vertigo, and jaundice.

Red Vine leaves are sold in the United Kingdom as a dietary supplement for the maintenance of healthy leg-vein circulation, in particular to avoid tired, heavy and aching legs that result from long periods of standing or sitting.

But what the heck are Spikewort and Dark Ichor for?

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