Friday, October 5

Steampunk gone Wilde

Alas, my half-dime was not enough to get me into the first Wilde Weekend in Louisville, Kent.

Not only is it all Wilde all weekend, but tonight they had a steampunk event!

Table gift
Join Wilde Imagination as we open our first-ever Wilde Weekend with a glimpse into the genre known as Steampunk. Our hosts will be our very own Theodora Curiosity Bennett, along with her brother Phineas Jules. Be prepared for a Steampunk-inspired table gift, an informative program, and the opportunity to purchase an amazing centerpiece. You’ll indulge in savory desserts and finger foods while getting to know your fellow Wilde Weekenders. A costume contest will be held during the event – so if you choose to, dress in your most imaginative Steampunk fashions and gear up for some fun prizes!



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