Tuesday, October 23

Accessory after the fact

I was asked today what are my "must have" accessories.

Hmm, so many choices....

Well, my Unusually Stout Parasol, of course! I never leave home without it. Even if you don't see it in my photos, it is somewhere close by.

A tiny top hat since a lady never leaves the house without her hair covered. Besides, it looks fabulous! (I also use a headband and snood to keep my hair out of my face.)

My tinted glasses (or goggles) since they give me an inscrutable look.

My chatelaine - a chain belt with a padlock. The padlock keeps it safe upon my person while reminding me that NO ONE will EVER put ME in chains again. On it I have:

  • Aether Pistol - in case my parasol fails me - which it never has.
  • Flask (for medicinal purposes)
  • Candle stubs
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Compass
  • Scissors
  • First-aid kit
  • A coil of stout cord
  • Magnifying glass
  • Telescope

Boots - they protect my lower legs while making a grand sound while I stomp around. They help deliver sharp blows to villains, too.

Bling - It might not be sparkly (the enemy can spot sparkly a mile away) but I love to wear flowers, necklaces (especially my shell necklace), and lace mitts.

Unmentionables - I blush to mention them but you never know when corset stays might come in handy for picking a lock or filing bars. The same goes for my hoop skirt or crinoline.

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