Tuesday, October 16

Tea for two or more

As some of you might know, Momma and I are voracious drinkers of tea ("Tea. Oolong. Hot.") and of course the members of my Steam Team are also since they hail from New Britain.

Theodora spotted these cups and saucers in my cabinet and asked if she could use them.

Since they fit her, and are a bit small for me, I gladly gave my consent.

With Momma's approval, of course.

You see, this antique metal tea set originally belonged to Momma's great-grandmother who was born in 1868. Her tea set consists of a teapot, lidded sugar bowl, four cups and six saucers.

(Momma said she saw the same saucers in an antique shop about 25 years ago and they wanted $35 per saucer!)

I think they suit Theodora admirably, don't you?

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