Wednesday, October 24

The right to arm bears

Look who unexpectedly joined my Steam Team yesterday!

Phin stands approximately 17" tall and is crafted of hard plastic and vinyl. He comes with a raven wig (non-removable), blue painted eyes, and hand painted details. Phin comes dressed in a shirt with arm bands, tie, matching pants with black trim, vest with golden buttons and black trim, socks, tie shoes, and arm gauntlets. A faux gun, holster and belt, and matching hat completes the outfit.

Much to Momma's amusement Grandpoppa thinks all dolls should carry guns
(I concur!) and admired Phin's latest model.

According to Grandpoppa, Phin's weapon looks like a Gabbet-Fairfax Mars Automatic Pistol from the turn-of-the-last century. He said its muzzle velocity was unmatched until the .357 Magnum was introduced in 1935. The Mars had a very heavy recoil.

A British captain said in 1902, "No one who fired once with the pistol wished to shoot it again." Shooting the Mars pistol was described as "singularly unpleasant and alarming."

Don't worry Grandpoppa, Phin can handle it.

And if he can't,  I certainly can.

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