Wednesday, January 9

Mwahaha like you mean it

I am just the teensy-weensiest bit jealous of the marvelous mad science lab my dear friend Francis has. 

But since no one can tell the story better than Francis and his Momma, I'm sharing it here with their permission.

So... you think you want to be a mad scientist? My name is Francis and I will help you along on your journey to madness. 
© Joan Dickhaut

The first step to becoming a mad scientist is to laugh like you're evil. Don't worry, you don't need to be evil. You just need to laugh like it. On the count of three, take a deep breath, throw your head back and laugh. 
One. Two. Three. 
© Joan Dickhaut

OK, let's try it again and this time I want to hear more maniacal laughter and less giggling. 
I want you to mwahaha like you mean it! 
Are you ready? One. Two. Three. 

© Joan Dickhaut

Ooo, that was good!  
Now, you need a laboratory... 
© Joan Dickhaut

Ack! Did you just read that as LAB-ra-tory? 
© Joan Dickhaut

Now, you must learn how to pronounce luh-BOR-uh-tor-ee
© Joan Dickhaut

Or if you prefer, luh-BOR-uh-tree.  
© Joan Dickhaut

Now scroll back through all those pictures again. But this time click on them to get a bigger view. 
© Joan Dickhaut

The next page has more photos and some basic instructions so you, too, can set up your very own (say it right!) laboratory. 
© Joan Dickhaut

Click here> How to Be a Mad Scientist: The Details

The only thing better than a mad science lab is a mobile mad science lab. I've told Momma to get busy and get my trailer similarly tricked out.

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  1. I love her goggles! :D And of course, that lab is to die for!