Thursday, January 10

Soldier of good fortune

Cupcake Cutie Pie
 It's nice to be a fashionista and trend setter.

When Momma complimented Erin at Cupcake Cutie Pie about her new Steampunk Soldier - Skirt Set for American Girl, Erin said, "My venturing into Steampunk fashion for AG is inspired by your Steampunk Addie."

Modern and fashionable, this outfit starts with a black camisole in lace over cotton with thin cotton straps. The camisole fastens in back with buttons. The wrap skirt is made of a olive drab twill with black lace ruffled underskirt and fastens with snaps. Buttons on the skirt side with two metal chains and charms add detail. The olive drab twill cropped jacket features black piping at the banded sleeves, black top stitching and a medal applique.

And included as a bonus gift: Camouflage combat boots!

Did you know that the use of camouflage was spurred by the increasing range and accuracy of firearms in the 19th century? In particular the replacement of the inaccurate musket with the rifle made personal concealment in battle into a survival skill. Military camouflage developed rapidly, especially during World War I.

I think this outfit deserves a Gear of Approval, don't you?

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  1. cute outfit and I am thinking of venturing into Steampunk too cuz of you.. I bought the bits and pieces to do an outfit.. you are very inspiring