Friday, January 4

This should be interesting

Introducing Parnilla Ghastly - a strikingly beautiful girl with strong features and a fabulous fashion sense, straight from Paris, France! She's traveled back to her childhood home town of Ipswich to seek out her first childhood crush, a boy named Mortimer, and her long-lost cousin Evangeline - unfortunately, Evangeline has no idea she even has a cousin Parnilla. This should be interesting...

Parnilla stands 18-1/2 inches tall and is crafted of the finest vinyl and hard plastic, with green inset eyes, applied lashes, a red wig made of the highest quality fibers, and 15 points of articulation for unlimited posing possibilities. She comes dressed in her finest Parisian fashion which includes a two-piece gown of crinkled lame and net. She has golden shoes and a cloche hat with feather decoration. She is also wearing "The Blood Moon Amulet" which was her great-great-grandmother's.

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