Friday, May 24

Down to Earth

I am so excited I don't even need my beloved Airship Enterprise to be in the clouds.

Nichelle Nichols likes Me us! She really, really likes Me us!

Nichols, well known as Lt. Uhura of Star Trek: The Original Series television series and six feature films, is also a singer, dancer, and a lifelong supporter of the arts and sciences.

Today at Comicon we made a beeline for Nichols to get her autograph. She loved us! In fact, she wanted to keep us but Momma said that wasn't possible.

(Phoebe got her tummy signed!)

Later, we went for a photo opportunity where Nichols again admired us. Momma said it still wasn't possible to give either of us to her, but if Nichols really wanted a doll she would make her one - and Nichols said, "Yes!"


  1. You are insanely lucky Addie! Uhura is one of our favorite characters! Next to Mr.Spock and Bones of course.;)

  2. OMG! I love their star trek outfits!!!

  3. Where did you get their star trek outfits???!!!

    1. On Etsy from Enchanted Designer: