Sunday, May 26

I'm a dork-able

What a whirlwind four days.

Talk about blissfully exhausted.

Phoenix Comicon 13 was a blast. In its 13 years it has grown from 400 attendees in one day to more than 30,000 in four days.

Phoebe and I met Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols, who signed us and loved us so much she asked for her very own version of Me. (I, of course, graciously agreed.)

We met Wil Wheaton (again) who signed my Li'l Wil and rolled his eyes at my peacebonded knife and leg. (Apparently Wheaton still does not realize what a threat I am!)

Clementine met Jewel Staite, the ship's mechanic Kaylee Frye on Firefly and Serenity, who signed her tummy.

We also go to say hi to Kristin Bauer who plays the vampire Pam on True Blood.

We attended workshops and panels, met authors and illustrators, and watched people in all kinds of costumes.

(Not to mention hundreds of booths filled with geeky goodness.)

I have hundreds of photos to edit and share, but the internet is being g-l-a-c-i-a-l so I'll share them tomorrow.

Of course there will be more to report this week, but for now it is time for us to rest.


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