Saturday, May 25

Let's make a deal

It is now official.

Within a month or two beloved Star Trek: The Original Series actress Nichelle Nichols will have a cloned copy of Yours Truly.

We stopped by today while Nichols was signing autographs at Phoenix Comicon to see if she really, truly wanted an Uhura fangirl doll - and she did!

(We also asked which doll she wanted. While she loved Phoebe it was My Awesomeness that won her over.)

What a brilliant woman!

While we all know that I am An Original, Momma agreed to make a doppelgänger just for her.

Now Momma is off to scour the world for a doll that looks something like me - as well as try to recreate my Awesome Star Trek fangirl costume.

Stay Tuned!