Thursday, May 2

The Proton Resurgence

Geek alert!
Grandpoppa's lifelong comic hero is guest starring tonight on The Big Bang Theory.

Yes folks, that is correct. Deadpan genius Bob Newhart is scheduled to appear when Sheldon and Leonard hire Professor Proton (Newhart), the host of their favorite childhood TV show, to perform. 
Newhart is an American stand-up comedian and actor noted for his deadpan and slightly stammering delivery. Newhart came to prominence in the 1960s with his album of comedic monologues The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart.
Newhart later starred in situation comedies: first as psychologist Dr. Robert "Bob" Hartley on the 1970s sitcom The Bob Newhart Show and then as innkeeper Dick Loudon on the 1980s sitcom Newhart

Incidentally, Newhart told a 2005 interviewer for PBS's American Masters that his favorite stand-up routine is "Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue," in which a slick promoter has to deal with the reluctance of the eccentric President to agree to efforts to boost his image.

The mind boggles....

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