Thursday, May 23

Legged and dangerous

I am so psyched. 

As you might recall, Lieutenant Uhura carries a knife in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Mirror, Mirror."

My knife, since it is metal, was deemed to be a threat at Phoenix Comicon and was peace-bonded.

So was my leg. 

A peace-bonding is a conspicuous lock, tie, or mark which makes or identifies something as unusable as a weapon, that is, that the owner's intentions are purely peaceful.

At some conventions, attendees carry real weapons or costume props that appear to be weapons. To forestall concerns about mis-use of real weapons at such events, the security team "peace-bonds" anything that might look like a weapon.

The event's "weapons policy" may offer objective criteria to determine what looks like a weapon. For example, a weapons policy may require a peace-bond for anything that a reasonable person might recognize as a weapon from a short distance in dim light.

Real weapons, if allowed, are disabled, secured, and marked. For example, bright orange zip ties may be used to hold a sword in a scabbard or to hold a pistol in a holster.

As for my leg, maybe I should pursue kick-boxing?


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