Thursday, April 26

Day and night

Have you ever felt like their were two different personalities inside you?

Ashton Drake's Delilah Noir knows just how you feel and embraces both.

By day, she's a well-behaved, straight-A student. But when the sun goes down, Delilah Noir is ready to unleash her wild side! Off with her daytime preppy look, and on with the edgy, romantic Goth fashions she really loves!

Delilah Noir Steampunk is a brand new (and apparently last!) entry in the Delilah Noir line of ball-jointed dolls. A dealer exclusive, she has red hair, pale pink lips, totally awesome outfit including the necklace, and top hat with attached goggles. Her gold and black high-heeled lace-up boots are just kicking'!

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