Tuesday, April 24

Oh my goth

The weather on the night of her birth was as expected. The wind was howling, the moon was full, and the doctor was unavailable.

Momma and I have become increasingly intrigued by Evangeline Ghastly and her haunting story:

I was born in the attic of Barkely Manor and it's where I continue to live today. I do live alone, well, actually Mouette, my pet skunk, lives with me, too, and now my new friend Bella - I found her hanging out in the attic rafters. Barkley Manor is the ancestral home of the Ghastly family; an ancient family whose roots date back to the early 1500s. Well, that's what the woman at the Ipswich library told me. She's one of the few people in town that speaks to me, so I'm taking her word for it. I have a wonderful collection of rocks, spiders, and dust.... I'd love to show it off someday. If you're still interested in my story, I'll continue....

Created by designer Joe Petrollese and sculpted by renowned fashion doll artist and designer Robert Tonner, Evangeline is crafted entirely of the finest pale luminescent resin, and now available in high-quality vinyl, too. She is completely ball jointed, essential for unlimited posing possibilities. She comes with realistic, inset eyes and a designer outfit befitting any mortician’s assistant. Hand-painted features, a wig made of the highest quality fibers, and designer outfits that use only the finest of fabrics and trims are the hallmarks of this quirky girl.

Inspired by Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, The Addams Family, and even Barbra Streisand, Evangeline comes to you straight from the attic of Barkley Manor located in Ipswich, England, across from the local cemetery.

With a pet skunk named Mouette, a mysterious diary entry, and fashions right out of a Victorian novel, Evangeline Ghastly is definitely…a whole other story.

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