Tuesday, April 10

Captain hook

Today I want to show off the two lovely birthday presents that I received yesterday from Darling Dolly.

For my birthday she sent me a lovely crocheted snood made with copper yarn and a metallic copper thread crocheted together. She even made it big enough for my hose clamp to fit through the openings!

Crochet (from the French word crochet, meaning hook) is a process of creating fabric from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook.

Crocheting first became popular in the 19th century when machine-spun cotton thread became widely available and inexpensive in Europe and North America after the invention of the cotton gin. Crocheting consumes more thread and cotton is well suited to crochet.

Darling Dolly also sent me a fully-lined reticule!A reticule (French réticule, from Latin reticulum meaning net) was a small handbag that could be hung from the wrist. It might also be called an indispensable.

Reticules became an indispensable accessory in the early 19th century because the line of the newly fashionable high-waisted Empire gowns would be ruined by a pocket. A reticule might contain a scented handkerchief, a calling card case, a small leather coin purse, smelling salts, and paper and pencil.

Knitting, netting, tatting, crocheting, et cetera were considered suitable pastimes for young ladies.

I guess that means you won't find me with a hook in hand.

At least not a crochet hook.

(Thanks Mama Lisa!)


  1. OOOHHHH!!!! LOVE the pictures!!!
    You have such a wonderful way with words.
    I just might have to borrow them for some of my listing.

    So glad you had a wonderful birthday,
    HUGS... Mama Lisa

    1. Thanks again! You are, of course, always welcome to use my photos in your shop.