Monday, April 2

Pardon, your slip is showing

I have to admit I laughed when I saw this Etsy listing by Darling Dolly for a "LOVELY IN LACE - Crinoline and Pantalettes with Vintage Style Hand Crochet Accents."
Proper dressing for young ladies and girls in the 1950s included hoops and pantalettes. 


Ruffled, stiffened petticoats were extremely popular during the 1950s, especially with teenage girls. However, most of the petticoats were netlike crinoline, nylon chiffon, taffeta, and organdy, and sometimes made of horsehair.

Typically, at least three single petticoats were worn until manufacturers began making double and triple layer petticoats. A narrow slip was usually worn under the petticoats, especially the crinoline type, because they tended to be "scratchy."

Momma has heard Grandmomma talk about about washing the crinoline that she wore under her poodle skirt in the 1950s, and rinsing it in sugar water before placing it over an open umbrella in the backyard to dry. After inquiry we were assured that she NEVER saw a crinoline like that in her '50s.

Maybe time travel was not the fiction they thought it was in the 1950s.

All kidding aside, I have to admit my admiration for the two-plus yards of hand-crocheted lace that Darling Dolly made herself.


  1. EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! It was a typo.... A TYPO!!!!!

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