Monday, April 16

A stitch in time

It's a good thing Momma's a talented seamstress.

I spotted this Steampunk Dress over the weekend by Gracefaerie Designs. It's a custom dress, overskirt, and crinoline for small, 1/3 scale dolls.

As Momma delicately put it, while I am 1/3 scale, I am not small. (She even had to do some "liposuction" on me once so I could fit into my clothes.)


However, that being said, she thinks she can alter this to fit me.

As for the fabric, thankfully Spoonflower has lots of steampunk fabrics. Spoonflower is an online site that permits people to design, print and sell their own fabric designs.

How cool is that?


  1. Awesome dress!!!
    ....running over to check out that fabric site.....

  2. That pattern is cute! Grace (the designer) is really nice--I've met her at local ball-jointed doll meet-ups. You could ask if she has done any AG sized patterns.

    Make sure the sleeves are planned so you can get them on over your hands!