Monday, April 30


I simply want to remind you, my Faithful Reader, that I am truly one of a kind, unlike this sudden influx of steampunk inspired dolls such as the upcoming Steam Funk Cami Tonner Doll.

Young, hip and ultra urban, the Cami & Jon™ Collection optimizes what it is to be young in New York. Cami, a NYC caterer, and her pal Jon, a florist, traipse across the fast-paced streets of New York together, looking fabulous in an effortless sort of way. Oh, to be young!

Perfectly suited for a themed party or night out on the town, the Steam Funk Cami Tonner Doll is dressed from head to toe in true steampunk style! Not only does she come with a faux leather dress with faux gold stud details, a faux leather belt, faux leather gauntlets, dark brown faux suede black zip boots, and pantyhose with attached panties, but she also comes with, fittingly enough, a cute eye patch to match the steampunk theme.

Made from fine quality vinyl and hard plastic, she features the kind of attention to detail you've come to expect from Tonner, whether it's her medium brown center part removable saran wig with bangs or hand-painted inset green eyes. A limited edition of 300 pieces, the Steam Funk Cami Tonner Doll features a Cami head sculpt, an Antoinette body, and a lily skin tone.

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