Thursday, March 15

This is sewious!

When I started blogging last May (my, how time does fly - even for a time traveler!) most people didn't seem to know what steampunk was.

Now it seems to be everywhere!

Pullip has long had steampunk inspired dolls.

Then came Ashton Drake's dealer-exclusive
Delilah Noir steampunk doll.

I just announced the new steampunk line by Wilde Imagination on Monday.

And now I find out Monster High is releasing a steampunk doll next fall!

Introducing Robecca Steam!

Age: 116

Killer Style: I would have described my style as rather old fashioned in this current time although I have been recently informed that it was totally "steam-punk" and quite "cutting-edge." This is a relief as no monster wishes to be thought of as dull.

Freaky Flaw: My internal clock does not properly function and I seem to always arrive late. It seems not to matter how many alarms I set or watches I wear; nothing helps. Good thing I have a permanent mechanics excuse in the Headmistress' office.

Pet: Captain Penny is my mechanical penguin. Working wings are unnecessary when one is equipped with a rocket pack.

Favorite Activity: I am quite the scaredevil and I delight in using my rocket boots to do stunts and tricks that make other monsters stop what they are doing to watch me perform.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Rain.

Favorite School Subject: Metal shop

Least Favorite Subject: Home Ick. I am skilled, however, in the boiling of water.

Favorite Color: Copper.

Favorite Food: Even though I do not require traditional food, I am fond of ginger tea.

Catch phrase: "A riveting personality"

Is it just me, or does Captain Penny look like Ming-Ming on Wonder Pets?


  1. She looks super cool, will you try to get her?

  2. Wow, steampunk really is everywhere these days. In a way it's fun that it's getting more popular, but in a way it's fun to have a niche hobby too. At least this means more people get to enjoy it!