Friday, January 27

Let them eat cake

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

My favorite mention of cake appears in Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace. Betsy and Tacy became famous for their picnics, and it all started when they were 5 and eating supper on a bench at the end of their street. I don't know if it was chocolate cake, but I like to think it was!

Betsy always liked what she saw on Tacy's plate. In particular she liked the fresh unfrosted cake which Tacy's mother often stirred up for supper for her big family. Tacy knew Betsy liked that cake, and she always divided her piece. And if baked beans or corn bread or something that Tacy liked lay on Betsy's plate, Betsy divided that too.

My next favorite chocolate cake mention is in the same series, but the last book: Betsy's Wedding:

Tacy had left a chocolate cake, with fudge frosting half an inch thick, and it proved a boon.

Do you have any favorite literary chocolate cakes?

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