Saturday, January 7

Mad as a hatter

As you might have noticed, if there's anything I love as much as my boots, it's my hats. 

Momma does her best, but thankfully she has found a wonderful milliner who has created some wonderful chapeaus for both me and my BTT friends.

So far I have a black taffeta, brown silk and gold silk top hats. I am Eagerly Awaiting the arrival of this black velvet confection with silver spiderwebs and a spider.

(Doesn't she look deliciously Ghastly in this?) 

So if your doll is looking for a special hat, I highly recommend Peggy Feltrope at Feltrope Studios. I have even bestowed upon her my honorary Approval Gear.

Now if I can just get her to make me one of these brass hats....

Disclaimer: No beavers were harmed in the making of these hats.

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