Tuesday, January 3

Meeting McKenna

Meet McKenna Brooks, American Girl's 2012 Girl of the Year! She's a determined girl who uses her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs. McKenna is 18 inches tall, with brilliant blue eyes that open and close. She has long, caramel-colored hair that can be pulled high for gymnastics practice, or styled up in twists for a fancy occasion. 

Balancing school and sports is a challenge for McKenna Brooks as she enters fourth grade. When she struggles with reading, she must find a way to keep up. Can McKenna use her strengths as a gymnast to succeed in the classroom, too?

I somehow doubt McKenna and I shall become close friends since I don't see myself doing gymnastics, but I shall do everything in my power to encourage her (and everyone else) to read!

(Men's gymnastics competition was popular enough to be included in the first "modern" Olympic Games in 1896, but the first women's Olympic competition was not held until the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.)

And speaking of reading, her bed comes with three great books:

Just what I need for my floating bookmobile!

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