Friday, January 13

Steaming up the kitchen

Momma and I got to see an exciting episode of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars this week where four cupcake bakers battled for a place at the Los Angeles opening of the hit Broadway musical "Wicked."

I, of course, loved this episode with its use of green, absinthe, and even some gears! 

So that started me on a search for steampunk-related food items and I found two winners.

First of all, these Copper Steampunk Cookie Cutters from Frenzy Universe.They're so cute it makes me wish they were either in my scale or I was large enough to eat the cookies made from these.

(Hmm, I wonder if Momma could make me a cake from them?)

Secondly, these gear-shaped organic chocolates from Andie 's Specialty Sweets on Etsy.

Gosh. These goodies make me wish I could open my vinyl mouth and eat. 

I guess I'll have to remain satisfied with Pippaloo's award-winning creations for dolls.

For now....

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